Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapstick Guy

Got another one for ya.

This Guy needs chapstick. Bad.

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you have dry lips too.

Yeah you do, I can see it from here.

Try some Chapstick, bro.

Anyway, this is a complete remake of something I did aaages ago (sophomore year at AIB). In fact I think it was the very first thing I did in Flash with my Wacom tablet. The character design is basically the same, but the rest of it is totally redone.

It was all done in CS5. Flash, After Effects, Sound Booth, and Premiere. It's crazy having all these tools available and how much easier they make the process, especially when you think about how they used to have to do it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Zombie Walk

Alright, here's a little thing I've been working on. It was based on a walk cycle I did a couple years ago in school. I'm digging this simple character design style lately, kinda reminds me of Super Jail.

I'm definitely gonna keep fiddling around with this kind of thing. It's nice to be able to have something completely colored and finished and everything so quickly (godbless computers).